The Blob Fly

What is a Blob Fly

The blob fly is a short and colour full fly made from Fritz wrapped around a wide gape hook.

The Blob fly is an attractor pattern designed to grab the attention of passing trout.

Who invented the Blob fly

The blob fly was invented by Coventry-based fly fisherman Paul Mclinden. He is an English International fly angler.

His original blob was tied using orange fritz on a size 10 competition rules hook. Mclinden’s blob had an orange post wing, but that fell off during the tournament and the wingless blob out-fished his boat partner’s fly, hence the modern blob was born.

The modern blobs have changed somewhat with the addition of tinsel, a bead or a hot head of Glo Brite floss. Butt all blobs consist of a Fritz body, with little or no tail and usually no wing.

How do you fish a blob fly?

Although a blob fly can be fished on its own it is better used as an attractor pattern. Combine this with two / three duller more natural flies such as buzzers, nymphs or Diawl Backs and you have a winning combination.

“The blob works brilliantly as an attractor on the top dropper, but is just as good when used on the point as a pulling lure”

Fishing the blob on the top dropper is often more common use, where it attracts the attention of trout following it attentively and takes the more natural fly on the turn as the second and third fly passes it.

Another method of fishing it is on point with a team of buzzers, it’s slow descent helps keep the buzzers falling through the water slowly, and often is taken itself, as well as attracting close by trout to the buzzers.

How do you retrieve a blob?

Blobs are very versatile flies and therefore have more than one usable retrieve associated with it. When fishing with buzzers the blob is fished static, you are able to use the slow figure of eight retrieve, pill it back in quick sharp jerks, roly poly retrieve at speed and the most important part ALWAYS hang a blob, trout seem to follow the intriguing pattern and tend to smash them on the hang or drop back during the hang.

The retrieve would vary from person to person but the most successful to date is the figure of eight retrieve.

Some anglers swear by the static method as is with the hang on those last few seconds before your next cast.

How do you tie a blob?

This is one of the easiest flies to tie. Even beginner tiers should produce top quality blobs off their vice. To start get good quality fritz, the gel core type is preferred. Some colourful thread and / or marabou for a tail (Optional).

FNF Jelly Fritz is very good, not only is it much easier to tie than regular fritz, it’s also translucent and gives a great effect when wet.

A Variation to the blob is the F.A.B